Designed to support your analytics journey, delivering ROI at each phase.


1. Understand Business Needs

Working with assigned stakeholders, we drive a series of strategic interviews to capture current efforts, processes, executive direction and desired outcomes.

During this initial stage, we will validate if the context for data and analytics usage is appropriate.

2. Discover & Ascertain

Technical discovery process to understand which data sources are applicable and available (internal & external). Determine and report on data context, structure and application across reporting and analytics within the organization.

3. Connect & Explore

Profile the data sources on validity and quality, determining what data is missing and what data needs to be acquired to achieve desired outcomes.

4. Transform

Once the data sources have been thoroughly analyzed and loaded, we clean, combine, and enrich your data to produce the data models needed to feed your desired analytics and insights.

5. Model & Analyze

Also known as data mining, this process involves extracting value from the transformed data to produce meaningful information.

Use case driven, we will develop the appropriate analytical techniques, including predictive modeling to extract additional value out of the data.

6. Visualize Actionable Insights

Leveraging the selected cloud analytics platforms, we visualize the modelled data to drive action and ROI for the business.

These visualizations are developed through requirement gathering and collaborative reviews with stakeholders.

7. Operationalize

With minimal no-code cloud management, we provide you with the necessary support to tweak or update your analytics pipelines. With regular assessment checkpoints, and review of data models.