Automated analytics workflow optimizes order management

A multinational company’s regional order fulfillment team was bogged down by data silos across its systems. The team spent more than 10 hours every week manually analyzing orders, on hand and incoming stock, and inventory from channel partners. Without an efficient process to gather all key metrics in one dashboard, nor the time or know-how to encode logic to automate more than half the cases that were simple, the team’s analysts urgently needed a solution.

We built an automated analytics workflow to extract, transform and broadcast the daily insights through a set of self-service Tableau dashboards. The solution enables the order fulfillment team to make better informed order release decisions with lower effort than previously, while more than 50% of decisions flow with automated logic.

The value proposition:

The solution reduced the time spent analyzing and processing orders by 80%, nearly 500 hours in annual time savings. The consolidated dashboards improved order management, paying off through stronger partnerships, greater visibility into the upstream supply chain, and a 5% reduction in unfulfilled orders, representing more than $75K annually.

Our solution roadmap consisted of:

  • Leading workshops to understand the business process and its shortcomings, clarify requirements and define business logic.
  • Mapping business requirements to technical requirements.
  • Automating data extraction from internal systems.
  • Transforming, enriching and preparing powerful data models.
  • Designing a set of interactive, self-service dashboards.
  • Scheduling periodic checkpoints to offer support and plan enhancements.

Technical and analytical environment:

  • Python
  • Task Scheduler
  • Tableau